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Sunumatik is a flash application designed for people who cannot use presentation preparation programs to prepare presentations.

In the Sunumatik application, which has interfaces that are understood, users can easily prepare presentations by using the content, graphics, and animation that are prepared according to the sectors. Company officials can easily include up-to-date information about the sector that their company belongs to their presentations, and can create a presentation with a modern and professional appearance by using whatever they want from different theme options. Animation, graphics, product catalog, etc., with practical tools included in the presentation in the application. visual templates can be easily created. One of the most important features of Sunumatik is the automatic language support. In the application, which aims to expand abroad and export companies, In addition to Turkish, he does not need knowledge of English to prepare a presentation in English. While preparing their presentations, they can easily create presentations in English by making use of the common phrases they see in Turkish.

A business owner bemoans " The application freezes most of the time, I hardly get my drafts and other saved informations after updating. It was even worse when I changed my phone using the same subscription account I created. It requires regular updates at least every weak."


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